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Classes Offered

In school, after school, on the soccer field, at your scout meeting or at your youth retreat, Warrior Kids Yoga has programs for groups big and small. Whether through one-time programs or weekly series, we bring yoga and mindfulness to programs to you. Learn more about our more popular programs or contact us to discuss your individual needs.

School Enrichment Programs 

Warrior Kids Yoga was designed with schools in mind, daycare, elementary, middle and high school.  We have programs for before school after school, and even during the school day. Teachers, students and caregivers share in the benefits of increased emotion regulation, focus, flexibility, strength and self-confidence that a yoga and mindfulness practice brings.

  • Before and after-school offerings: Begin or end a busy school day with a yoga practice with your classmates. Programs run 30 to 60 minutes in length for mixed age groups. Offering the programs at the school make pick-up and drop off easier for caregivers schedules and offer children a wonderful way for  to start or end their day. (Prices vary $12-20 per child per class)

  • Classroom Yoga Breaks: Warrior Kids Yoga is pleased to offer programs in the schools. Our teachers will come to your classroom and provide 15-30 minute yoga breaks for the children. All props and materials are included and designed to be conducted in the classroom with no disruption of the room. We recommend the purchase of 3 sessions per class to teach the fundamentals. After that the school teachers can incorporate what they have learned into their daily schedule. ($225 per class for 3 sessions max 30 students per class call for group rates)

  • Teachers Workshops: We have tools that can help you manage all you need to accomplish in a day. Are you and the students feeling overwhelmed? Do your students need tools to help them calm nerves and manage emotions?  Through this 3-hour workshop we will teach you the benefits of yoga and mindfulness and how to seamlessly incorporate a practice in your daily schedule. ($675 per workshop)

Private Offerings

Sometimes yoga at home is just what you need.  We offer several options for individual children, families and friends. Want something tailored for you? Request a quote

  • Mommy and me sessions

  • One on one intensive

  • Home school sessions

  • Creative play-dates

  • Birthday parties

Group Sessions

Our classes can be held with a frequency that works for you. Whether you want one class, a monthly practice or twelve weeks of mindfulness, choose the frequency that works best for you. All group sessions require a minimum of 6 students.

  • Introduction to Yoga: One time one-hour group session. Great as an introduction to yoga or team building activity for a club, sports group or even scouts. ($22 per child)

  • Month of Yoga:  4 Weeks of Yoga offered as 1 hour per week class, introducing students to the fundamentals of breath, movement and relaxation.  Students will learn up to 8 breathing exercises, sun salutation movements and up to 15 additional yoga postures within a playful environment. ($80 per child)

  • Season of Yoga: Using the seasons as a backdrop, children enjoy playful classes that build off each other and include includes connection, breath, movement and relaxation. In addition to sun salutations and several yoga sequences, children will be introduced to mindfulness and the power of breath to calm, center and energize them. Songs, stories and games will be utilized. Warrior Kids Yoga offers 8 ($120 per child) or 12-Week ($180 per child) sessions.

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